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757swim is a USAS level 3 bronze club with approximately 300 swimmers in Williamsburg, VA. They offer competitive swimming programs from novice to elite and various programs that serve the community such as swim lessons, lap swimming, and core and weight training.

The Vision

757swim contacted Your Sports Resource (YSR) to seek guidance on making changes to their club while staying within their bylaws. As a result of the assistance provided by Renata, 757swim became interested in improving their existing systems. YSR was subsequently hired to help determine a new direction for the club and implement a new organizational structure.

The Strategy

To gain a better understanding of the club’s current state, YSR conducted an anonymous survey among the entire staff, from the director to the lesson instructors. During a visit to Virginia, the results of the survey were shared, allowing for an open discussion about the club’s current status.

One of the first priorities was to establish the club’s goals and vision for the next five years, as well as the ideas and systems that would be put in place to move the club in that direction. YSR also spent time with key members of the team to gain insight into the inner workings of the club, including roles, communication, and feedback processes. This enabled the club to be open about any problem areas and allowed YSR to provide guidance.

One issue identified by 757swim was a lack of family and volunteer engagement for their swim students. Working with the club, YSR helped to define their fundamental vision, values, and behaviors, as well as the culture and characteristics they wanted to foster. This included strengthening the bond between families and the club and helping young swimmers develop positive traits.

Upon returning from Virginia, YSR worked closely with 757swim on defining roles for each member and improving communication methods and systems. The new organizational structure made it clear who held specific responsibilities.

The Results

The changes implemented by 757swim included incorporating the new vision, values, and behaviors into staff training, their newsletter, and website. They also displayed large banners in the pool, added the statements to training kickboards, and produced clothing with the behavior statements on the back. These efforts were aimed at building a strong ethos within the organization, from children to adults.

As a result of the organizational changes, the club experienced significant improvements in volunteer and family engagement, as well as a general strengthening of the organization. This has made the board more comfortable with the prospect of new initiatives.

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