Why Be A Club Board Member

Written by on November 25, 2022

Deciding to become a club board member is not something that should be taken lightly. Firstly, the Board is directly responsible for the success of the club in the long run. Yes, having good athletes is key but the best way to support those athletes holistically is to have a Board that has a vision and works cohesively to deliver that vision. Secondly, if you are doing it right, it can be a challenging and time-consuming role. That being said, it can also be one of the most rewarding and satisfying endeavors in your lifetime.

A Club Board Member that operates well and can quickly steer a club to success. That means there’s a vision and everyone understands their role and responsibilities in delivering that vision. They work as a team, just like the athletes, doing their part, and supporting one another to ensure every person and activity has value.

While you may have your motives, there are some wonderful reasons to become a Board Member:

1. Building Skills

Ultimately, when deciding to become a Board member that means you are bringing some kind of skillset to the table. Those can be your leadership ability, community connections/relations, financial background, or project management/organizational skills.

However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have an opportunity to branch out and build new and different skills. When you have a Board that operates as a team, sometimes tasks or projects become an “all hands on deck” opportunity. One of those opportunities will be to build your leadership skills where you provide direction and guidance to volunteers or members, so they can complete the objective at hand.

2. Opportunity to Give Back

There is a special feeling that comes from helping others. All sports clubs depend on the kindness and giving of others to succeed. If you were an athlete in your youth, then you know that your practices and competitions wouldn’t have been what they were without the support of others. By providing your unique skills and making yourself available, it is your chance to return the good deed. And by doing so you help the athletes, their families, the community, and the club as a whole.

3. Building Relationships and Connections

This might sound hokey, but there’s merit in building relationships. Being a Board member means you will be working closely with quite a few volunteers and members. You will have exposure like you may not have had, just being the parent of an athlete. The same will be true with any community or stakeholder relationships you build. Having these connections can open doors to a wide variety of opportunities and long-lasting friendships.

4. Sense of Satisfaction

Being a part of a successful club and knowing that the work you do provides value, can give you a deep sense of satisfaction and pride. It’s a wonderful thing to know that you have made a positive difference in your club.

Being a Board member will mean that you will give up a portion of your time to do your role effectively. You may have to choose between family outings and board meetings. You might have to take calls at all times of the night. You might have to stay up late ensuring all I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed. But it is an extremely rewarding opportunity and creates an experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

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