How to Create, Manage, and Present your Financial Story

Written by on November 25, 2022

Being able to build and tell your financial story is crucial to reaching your organization’s Vision.

Knowing and telling your financial story is crucial because:

  • Allows you to make well-informed decisions
  • Helps you define your strategic goals
  • Supports your ability to deliver on your vision
  • Demonstrates your ability to manage your overall performance
  • Provides the opportunity to openly present yourself to potential funders




Your budget is your outline. Your organization’s budget needs to be aligned with your strategic plan and vetted by leadership and the board. Use your budget as your North Star when creating your financial story. Use smart, forward-thinking budget tactics to continue down the path to accomplishing your vision.

Your financial leader, should re-evaluate and update your organization’s budget to properly reflect the year’s income and expenditures. These should be presented to the board or the leadership team on a regular basis so you know you are making sound and well-informed decisions.

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This tool breaks down how to present your financial story whether it’s to the Board or to a potential Sponsor.

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