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July 2022

San Benito Aquatics

San Benito Aquatics is a level 2 USA Swimming club located in Hollister, CA. They offer competitive swimming for all ages as well as swim lessons. They are a parent-led organization (parent board).

The Vision

Initially, Renata Porter LLC was engaged to provide Board Training and work through Roles and Responsibilities for the Board and the staff. We delivered on that engagement, however, after having conversations with the Board President, it was highlighted that there were certain cultural, productivity, and financial goals that San Benito Aquatics were not accomplishing. In turn, we were re-engaged to assist the board in achieving future efficient functionality and productivity, to analyze their finances, and to make recommendations on how to improve relationships with both the membership and the community. There was a very strong sense of urgency for relief and improvement.

The Strategy

After comprehensively analyzing 6 months’ worth of San Benito Acquatics’s financial reports, it was determined that these reports primarily needed to be restructured and presented in a way that was easily digestible and understood by the board so they could in turn make well-informed decisions. Additionally, through the deep analysis, areas of dire need of attention were easily discoverable. Programs that were not creating a profit and were not in a position to create a profit in the near future were put on hold. Programs that were functioning, but not reaching their full potential were expanded. For example, the swim lessons program was completely rebuilt from curriculum to hiring and training ensuring a quality program that produces safe swimmers. In order to remove the wasted administrative time for registrations, marketing, and collecting payments, Swim lessons were also moved online utilizing Team Unify which SBA was already paying for. This allowed San Benito to expand their lessons program and recognize immediate results in a purposeful and controlled approach.

After further review of the state of the organization, we made the recommendation that the SBA Board consider adjusting their paid staff roles so they are fit for purpose to the size of the club and puts them in a more sustainable position.  This was a difficult decision, but one the Board needed to make in order to meet their obligations to the members of being fiscally responsible.

The Results

Swim lessons has created an immediate financial and community impact. They were better able to serve the community and develop relationships that have been suffering while creating financial sustainability. 

The removal and re-establishing of more appropriate positions have allowed SBA to be in a stronger operational financial position. Additionally, it reallocated responsibilities and provides the remaining staff opportunities to grow and shine. It’s been a learning curve, but staff are stepping up to the challenge and starting to work in a way where they own the value they bring to the organization. 

SBA is also starting to plan on how to effectively re-introduce the programs that were put on hold now that they are developing the funds to support them. The reintroduction of these programs will only deepen their relationships with the community. 

Overall, through working together, SBA has moved themselves into a sustainable position. With the weight of the financial stress removed, they can now focus on their Vision and grow the club in the manner they choose. Having freedom of choice provides infinite opportunities. 

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